Short Stay Home (SSH)

At FCC we come across helpless battered women who arecaught up in severe crisis with no supporteven from their parents. They need immediate shelter, protection, food, medical treatment, police help, legal aid, educational facility for any accompanying children and so on. This is crucial not only for their survival,but also for them to get breathing space and time to think and plan their future free from violence and begin a life of human dignity.

The SSH has been functioning in Badlapur for the last 20 years in coordination with a charitable Trust, MalatiVaidyaSmriti Trust. Around 300 women and children came under its wings and got rehabilitated.
The inmates ranged from a young girl pushed into prostitutionin Bhiwandi to an unwed adolescent mother from a peasant's family, a battered wife with two daughters, an old woman wounded and thrown out of her own house by her son, a wife and three young ones from a rich family deserted by fraudulent bankrupt husband. Each of themhad no place to go including their parents' home and some had even been contemplating suicide. The SSH gave them a fresh lease of life. They lived together under one roof sharing household responsibilities amongst them.They belonged to different castes, religions, regions and some were tribal, but their grief and hope was a common thread. The period of their stay varied from a few days to a couple of years depending upon the specificity of the problem. It is important to note that the inmates do not tend to be parasites, but endeavour to stand on their own feet as early as possible.

The structure that housed the SSH in Badlapur for 20 years becamedilapidated. By collecting donations from sympathisers it has been recently reconstructed. The SSH now has additional facilities like study hall for needy students and working space for self-help groups of women from economically weaker strata for their income generation activities.The building also has a small clinic for tribal women and children, Adivasi Arogya Seva Kendra.

All the above activities are conducted with the financial support from friends, acquaintances and sympathisers.In the coming days it is envisaged that the Mahila Adhar Kendra will be pulsating with various activities such as education programmes for deprived children, legal literacy camps, awareness raising and theatre workshops, income generation projects of women along with providing shelter for women and children in crisis.