About Bharatiya Mahila Federation (Thane Samiti)

The executive committee of BMF Thane is elected every two years as per the constitution. The recent conference that took place on 24-02-2013 elected the following team of office bearers and executive committee members:

Name Designation Occupation
Dr.Kranti Jejurkar President Chairperson,Women's
Development Council, Mumbai University
Dr.Geeta Mahajan Secretary Honourary full time worker
Vasudha Natu Treasurer Honourary worker

Executing Committee Members

Vinodini Bhanushal Housewife
Shobha Vibhute Tailor
Sushama Rege President's award-winning teacher
Ujwala Rane Bank-employee
Sunita Kulkarni Lecturer
Rekha Wartha Tribal & Domestic worker
Prabha Rathod Domestic worker
Mangala Honavar Social worker
Adv. Anuradha Pardeshi Practicing lawyer
Dr.Aruna Wartikar Medical professional

The Executive Committee meets every three months.
The day to day activities are carried out by some of the Committee members, staff members and other volunteers, that is, by about 25 persons.Some of the staff members are professional social workers and receive honorarium directly from Central Social Welfare Board or ZillaParishad. Others are trained as field workers and are paid a small honorarium and compensated for their travelling expenses by BMF Thane. With rising costs of living and transport charges it isbecoming difficult day by day for the organisation to getand retain sufficient staff.
It is heartening that the committed staff-members work and volunteers consistently and manage the increasing load of work efficiently.All workers receive relevant training from time to time for the enhancement of their capacity and they learn valuable lessons from experience.