Awareness raising programmes

Various awareness raising programmes are organised regularly by BMF Thane to bring about change in the societal attitudes. These programs are : workshops on various issues relevant to women's question, legal literacy camps to make rural and urban women aware of their rights, observing significant days like
3rd January - Savitribai Phule Jayanti,
26th January, 8th March - international women's day,
2nd October - Gandhi Jayanti and non-violence day,
25th November - international day of protest against violence against women,
10th December - human rights day
and so on.
Regular workshops are also organised for capacity building of workers, volunteers and active members on topics like women's status, laws related to women and children, police station and citizen's rights, declining child sex ratio and the PC-PNDT Act, maternal health, parenting, mental health, principles of counselling,addiction, adolescents' reproductive and sexual health, sexual harassment at work place, food security, child labour, rights of unorganised women workers, impact of media,women's participation in politics and so on. Workshops are participatory in nature.

Effective use of awareness songs, theatre, pamphlets and posters is made during publicawareness programmes.

One of the important awareness programmes is Shraddhanjali, homage to agirl or a woman who has lost her life as a result of atrocity committed on her. Shraddhanjali is organised at the site of the incidentand an oath is taken in the solemn atmosphere. This sensitises the participants and the surrounding people. It also gives moral courage to the family members of the victimised woman to fight for justice.
At present on 28th of every month BMF Thane offers Shraddhanjali publicly in Vasantvihar society in Thane where a dalit minor girl, ShitalChaudhari, working as a domestic help was raped and murdered by an elderly man on 28th May 2011. Shraddhanjali to Shital will continue every month till the rapist and murderer of Shital is punished. The case is being fought in the Thane Court.