About Bharatiya Mahila Federation (Thane Samiti)

Bharatiya Mahila Federation (Thane Samiti) is a voluntary social organisation of women committed to the cause of women's equality and social justice. It is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act and the Registration of Societies Act. It is an affiliate of one of the oldest all India women's organisations, the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), that had the distinct honour of having Bharat-Ratna Aruna Asaf Ali as its all India President. Dr.Aruna Roy is the present all India president of NFIW.

Aims and objectives of BMF Thanementioned in the constitution of the organisation are attached separately.

The organisation is a metamorphosis of a small group of volunteers who made a modest beginning at the end of International Women's Decade in 1985 by venturing into the activity of giving relief to women in crisis. Disturbed by the sordid state of affairs confronting women and children in our society the group worked tenaciously mustering support of many like-minded individuals and the Family Counselling Centre was institutionalised.

Working in coordination with MalatiVaidyaSmriti Trust, a registered charitable Trust, BMFThane has been able to give immediate protection and shelter to women and their children in emergency situation and support them till rehabilitation. This endeavour of Short Stay Home has benefitted many women and has had positive effect indirectly in the communities as well.

Apart from serving individual women and children, BMF Thane aims to transform the very atmosphere in the society by changing discriminatory societal attitudetowards women. For that purpose BMF Thane conducts awareness raising programmes through workshops, meetings and theatre campaigns, observes International women's day and other significant occasions, and organises protest actions against inhumane social trends.

BMF Thane is encouraged by the support it receives from different sections of the society. It is strengthened by the ever-expanding circle of enthusiastic and selfless activists. It has more than 1000 members in Thane, Bhiwandi, Kalyan and surrounding areas.